Whitepapers and research documents

Our research is focused on applying modern cryptography for providing complete sensitive data lifecycle protection yet preserving usability. We build software solutions around technologies like zero knowledge secure search, end-to-end encrypted data collaboration and zero knowledge authentication.

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14.07.2019, Proxy-Mediated Searchable Encryption in SQL Databases Using Blind Indexes
Eugene Pilyankevich, Dmytro Kornieiev, Artem Storozhuk
A whitepaper presenting Acra Searchable Encryption – a solution for secure search over encrypted data based on the blind indexing approach, a part of Acra Enterprise Edition.

13.12.2017, Hermes, a framework for cryptographically assured access control and data security
Ignat Korchagin, Eugene Pilyankevich, Andrey Mnatsakanov
A whitepaper on distributed access control and data sharing metholodogy, Hermes.

11.02.2016, Secure Comparator: a ZKP-Based Authentication System, rev 1.2
Ignat Korchagin, Eugene Pilyankevich
A whitepaper that outlines the first stage of our efforts at securing request authentication in zero-trust environments. This is revision 1.2, which includes fixes against the possible security drawbacks flagged up by the security community. Secure Comparator is actively used in Themis.