Papers & slides


11.02.2016, Secure Comparator: a ZKP-Based Authentication System, rev 1.2
Ignat Korchagin, Eugene Pilyankevich.
A whitepaper that outlines the first stage of our efforts at securing request authentication in zero-trust environments. This is revision 1.2, which includes fixes against the possible security drawbacks flagged up by the security community.

13.12.2017, Hermes, a framework for cryptographically assured access control and data security
Ignat Korchagin, Eugene Pilyankevich, Andrey Mnatsakanov
A whitepaper on distributed access control and data sharing metholodogy, Hermes.

Presentations & talks

May 2016 Everything will be broken
Eugene Pilyankevich.
Our CTO's talk at SecurityBSides Kyiv about classic and emerging threat models, a proper understanding of security risks, ranging from idealistic to realistic perception of technical infrastructures and adopting stronger techniques in the face of vanishing perimeter, (sadly) lowering standards of security tools and overall software quality.

August 2016 Evolution of password-based authentication systems
Ignat Korchagin.
Slides to our core scientific contributor's talk on evolving from regular authentication to Zero Knowledge Proofs (including Secure Comparator) at DefCon Crypto Village.

November 2016 End-to-end data turnover: building zero knowledge software
Eugene Pilyankevich.
Our CTO's talk on evolution of end-to-end software, survival within the "everything will be broken" model through usage of proper cryptography and trust management, plus disclosure of some ideas and concepts behind Hermes.

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