A single security layer for protection of sensitive data across your infrastructure.

Toughbase was designed for industries where a breach of sensitive data might lead to serious financial, reputational, or regulatory consequences. Such industries include, but are not limited to:





Toughbase provides:

Sensitive data lifecycle protection
  1. 1 Backend: Strong database security and granular cryptographic access control
  2. 2 Middleware: Minimum integration footprint with straightforward APIs
  3. 3 Data consumers: End-to-end protection; plaintext is only visible where the data is generated and used

Instant data security experience

Toughbase can be conveniently integrated with typical architectures "out-of-the-box”. It features native libraries for popular languages, platforms, and development frameworks; supports a wide range of databases, storages, and key infrastructures. With Toughbase you can flexibly implement end-to-end data security with minimum effort and risk by separating complex cryptographic protocols and abstract cryptosystems from implementation.

Strong security layer

Toughbase offers granular access control over arbitrary structure: JSON/XML trees, SQL rows/tables, files and filesystems. Access control policy, albeit cryptographic, can be changed without re-encrypting the data. Granularity and cryptographic authorisation enables building provable audit trails. Features include randomised tokenisation, query indirection, and zero-knowledge requests enable building additional layers of security around your data.

Toughbase supports

Toughbase supports clients


Mobile (iOS, Android)

Web (Python, Ruby, PHP)

Desktop applications

Toughbase supports databases


CloudSQL, RDS and other cloud databases

RDBMS, NoSQL and KV databases

Query in GraphQL, SQL, *DBC, REST

Toughbase integration

Integrates with

Modern cloud stack

HSM and TPM clients

PKI/CA for key management

Toughbase comes with integration service and support. Currently in early adopter testing, Toughbase will be publicly announced later. To learn more contact us