Protect the whole lifecycle of data with Toughbase

Toughbase offers lifecycle protection for sensitive data, encompassing most threats that exist for client data within your system. It uses Hermes and Themis as core frameworks for building protection around sensitive data in its ingestion, storage, usage, and distribution. Currently in development, Toughbase offers a secure data store for documents and binary objects designed to streamline secure, auditable, multi-party sensitive data creation, consumption, collaboration and management in modern client-server architectures.

Toughbase focuses on simplifying the process of securing customer data in contexts where the cost of compromise is high, such as within online service providers or financial institutions.

Toughbase is available for pre-release testing with selected partners. You may request pre-release demo by contacting us.

Toughbase provides:

Sensitive data lifecycle protection
  1. 1 All-encompassing protection with deep integration
  2. 2 Strong database security and CRUD-aware crypto access
  3. 3 End-to-end by design, no plaintext outside the owner's context
Simple, low-friction implementation
Toughbase is easy to integrate with typical architectures even in its "out-of-the-box” state. It has native libraries for popular languages, platforms and development frameworks, supports a wide range of databases, storages, and key infrastructures. By separating complex cryptographic protocols and abstract cryptosystems from implementation, Toughbase enables flexible implementations of preconceived security principles with minimum effort and risk.
Unique security features
Toughbase offers granular access control over arbitrary structure: JSON/XML trees, SQL rows/tables, files and filesystems. Access control policy, albeit cryptographic, can be changed without re-encrypting the data. Granularity and cryptographic authorisation enables building provable audit trails. Features include randomised tokenisation, query indirection, and zero-knowledge requests enable building additional layers of security around your data.

Works best for...

Toughbase was designed for organisations where a breach of sensitive data might lead to serious financial or reputational consequences and where the demands for strong protection of customer data are high, such as:

  • Fintech and e-commerce
  • Healthcare and medical records
  • SaaS
  • Embedded
Public version to be available Q4 2018 Request a demo or join the early adopter program through:

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