Sensitive data lifecycle protection
  1. 1 All-encompassing protection with deep integration
  2. 2 Strong database security and CRUD-aware crypto access
  3. 3 End-to-end by design, no plaintext outside owner's context

Sensitive data lifecycle. Protected.

Toughbase offers sensitive data lifecycle protection, encompassing most threats that might happen to client data within your system.

Toughbase is our suite of security software modules designed to deliver flexible data protection in complex client-server environments. Currently in development, Toughbase offers a cryptographic framework designed to streamline secure, auditable, multi-party data consumption and management in modern client-server architectures. Toughbase is ecosystem built around Hermes storage / key management model and includes convenient instrumentation for most of security tasks for data protection and management, user/process authentication and key management.

Toughbase is focused on simplifying the process of securing customer data in contexts where the cost of its compromise is high, such as within online service providers or financial institutions.

Toughbase is currently in pre-release testing with selected partners, you may request early demo by contacting us.

Toughbase provides

Simple, low-friction implementation
Toughbase is designed to integrate with typical architectures "out of the box”. It provides native libraries for popular languages, familiar wrappers for many frameworks and supports a wide range of both RDMBS and NoSQL databases. Moreover, Toughbase enables very simple integration of many systems consuming the same data,- just as securely as stored within protected environment.
Granular access and inherent audit
Toughbase offers access control down to the field level in a document or record. Access rights can be varied without the need to re-encrypt data containers. Fine-grained access control offers commensurately fine-grained audit data to support both forensic analysis or realtime alerts of unexpected patterns of use. Toughbase provides flexible RDBMS operations, including the ability to link protected and plain-text data without exposing the basis of the relationship.

Works best for...

Toughbase is specifically useful for industries with strong demands for customer data protection, where sensitive data breach might lead to serious consequences, such as:

  • Fintech and e-commerce
  • Healthcare and medical records
  • SaaS
  • Embedded
Available mid 2017

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