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Reinforcing trust by auditable and verifiable systems

Often your users and your partners require efforts beyond regular "just make it secure". They demand transparency and secure audit logging that provides sufficient confidence in your system. PCI DSS audit trails are one side of the coin; settlement logs and system transparency for marketplaces and intermediaries is another.

Modern cryptography offers a whole set of protocols and approaches to back your claims and provide ways to prove your system's behaviour.

Transparent, auditable systems are hard


Audit logging is hard to blend


Trusted multi-party logs are crucial


Provable logs are hard


Public merits

Modern solutions

Modern crypto enables transparency

Coverage and transparency design

Security and compliance

Our offerings

// Relevant products


Acra offers a selective and searchable encryption which is easy-to-integrate in already-built infrastructures. It provides verifiable audit logging for all sensitive data operations: access, encryption-decryption, removal, key management, etc.

To be announced

There's a product that we're preparing to address provable audit logging – Please stay tuned for further announcements.

// Custom solutions and consulting

Verifiable audit logging modules

We design & build verifiable audit logging components that you can integrate into your software architecture. Different approaches are beneficial depending on your use case – a hash-connected chain of logs, Merkle-trees-based logs, etc.

Security engineering

We advise you on designing cloud security architecture, implementing security features, assessing your ongoing or finished development project, verifying its security properties, and providing actionable advisory on improvements.

Security advisory

We offer security advisory to ensure your high level security goals are transformed into a clear roadmap. Our security managers and auditors assist with maintaining and formulating security procedures that bring pragmatic and compliance benefits.

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We've started Cossack Labs to develop new tools and methods for protecting the data and enabling novel solutions to emerging problems — so that at the edge of your innovation, you’ve already got fitting tools handy.

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