Solutions for Healthcare

The digitalisation of healthcare requires a significant amount of effort for securing Personal Healthcare Information (PHI) while preserving clarity, usability, and extensibility of large-scale hospital systems as well as wellness mobile apps.

We have built secure systems in healthcare. Our products and open-source libraries are adopted for both small mobile apps and large-scale distributed inter-hospital systems.

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Current industry challenges

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry with specific privacy regulations and compliance demands (HIPAA + GDPR/DPB).

The vast available assortment of systems and approaches with unified data formats requires interoperability between them (FHIR).

B2C-ification of healthcare and "vendor-locked" solutions make it more complicated to control the whole system.

Hospitals demand control, while users want flexibility and privacy.

Data breach costs continue to rise across the healthcare industry, costing organizations nearly $6.5 million on average.

Healthcare. Current industry challenges.
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Modern solutions

Data-rich processing: end-to-end encryption of patients' data, selective encryption of documents, and management of encrypted fields in PHI exchange formats across the system.

Using trusted platform modules (TPM) for sensitive computations.

Self-enforced access control that spans across the whole data lifecycle.

Data-centric application security engineering and security audits.

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What we offer

Distributed healthcare systems perform PHI data processing and exchange all the time. Complete transparency towards what is getting encrypted leads to equal protection of structured records and binary data.

We cater to your specific use case, employing our stand-alone security libraries for small applications or build specialised security solutions to take your data security to the next level.

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Data protection system with searchable encryption, intrusion detection, and leakage prevention. Use Acra for protecting PHI stored in hospital or cloud databases.

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Security frameworks for integrating encryption into distributed apps and building end-to-end encrypted data exchange. Easy to add to your existing apps.

Security engineering and consulting

Security engineering and consulting

Building a secure system from scratch or adding security controls to existing products is a non-trivial task. Enrich your team’s competences with our security engineering skills.

Secure software development training

Secure software development training

Being good at software development does not equal having good cybersecurity skills. Train your team to build highly secure systems avoiding typical mistakes.

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How we make a difference

Our solutions are based on data encryption and cryptographic access control, which makes reaching privacy compliance easier.

Security & usability: we wrap strong cryptographic protection of data into the developer-friendly form.

Our expert team has good knowledge of healthcare standards (from the POV of both builders and breakers).

Healthcare. How we make a difference.

Our mission is simple.

We help you focus on serving your customers better, while relieving your team from security engineering pains and making your users confident that their data is safe with you.

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