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Most modern privacy regulations require state-of-the-art encryption when it comes to sensitive data protection. The scope has also extended from credit cards and account numbers to the historically "grey area" data, such as personally identifiable information, behavioural analytics, or OLTP workload.

We have built secure systems for both traditional banking and modern fintech. Our "zero-knowledge" solutions allow both to protect the data itself and to prevent potential metadata leakage.

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Current industry challenges

A growing set of compliance demands and the changing regulatory landscape (PCI DSS v3.2, PSD2, CBC).

Users requiring exceptional features and interoperability without sacrificing security.

Financial systems are targeted by insiders and external adversaries for commercial gain more often; damage to reputation is costly as never before.

Regulations and certifications can't guarantee that typical security mistakes (like "misconfigured" cloud servers) won't happen.

Finance challenges
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What we offer

As users require greater interoperability and compliance demands require more security, building sophisticated applications that manage and manipulate financial data becomes an exercise in balancing usability and security demands.

We cater to your use cases. Our solutions fit typical security problems both large financial institutions and cryptocurrency wallet applications face.

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Data protection system with searchable encryption, intrusion detection, and leakage prevention. Use Acra’s blind indexing scheme to fulfil the pseudonymisation requirements.

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Security frameworks for integrating encryption into distributed apps and building end-to-end encrypted data exchange. Easy to add to your existing apps.

Security engineering and consulting

Security engineering and consulting

Building a secure system from scratch or adding security controls to existing products is a non-trivial task. Enrich your team’s competences with our security engineering skills.

Secure software development training

Secure software development training

Being good at software development does not equal having good cybersecurity skills. Train your team to build highly secure systems avoiding typical mistakes.

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How we make a difference

Reliable and modern solutions based on data encryption and cryptographic access control, which make reaching privacy compliance easier.

We help you achieve more while paying less – our solutions attack risks at the very core, instead of patching up the holes.

Security & usability: we wrap strong cryptographic protection of data into the developer-friendly form.

We help you achieve better compliance with privacy regulations without limiting the usability and while also minimising cryptographic performance penalties.

Finance. How we make a difference

Our mission is simple.

We help you focus on serving your customers better, while relieving your team from security engineering pains and making your users confident that their data is safe with you.

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