Solutions for Critical Infrastructure and Power Grids

Many modern systems within industrial / CNI infrastructures rely on several interconnected central sources of truth, with simple devices and embedded computers sending telemetry signals, receiving control messages, and connecting the physical world to a digital representation. Increasing number of cybersecurity risks start to impact CNI operators: attacks on power grids and large manufacturing facilities have turned telemetry data and control messages into another kind of sensitive data that needs protection.

We have built secure systems that protect telemetry data in huge state-owned enterprises. Our solutions put zero trust in peripheral data sources, providing end-to-end security for all incoming data along with strong access control.

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Current industry challenges

The need to cross the gap between legacy and ultra-modern systems, preserving security and stability.

The abundance of legacy hardware and industry standards that are only semi-compatible with the modern stack.

Multi-component systems built on "vendor-locked" solutions that don't have a single point of security management.

A constantly increasing number of successful attacks on critical infrastructure objects, which leads not only to financial loss but also to electricity blackouts and halts in manufacturing processes.

Critical Infrastructure. Current industry challenges.
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Modern solutions

Secure data aggregation: hardware-based data encryption that protects telemetry data starting with its generation sources.

Support of typical SCADA protocols for direct integration with existing legacy hardware, extracting and encrypting telesignal data "on the fly".

Time-series optimised processing for store and process the time-series organised telemetry data efficiently.

Data-centric application security engineering and security audits.

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What we offer

Critical infrastructure requires more than data protection. It needs a deep understanding of industry limitations, integration with hardware endpoints, and taking the security risks associated with automation data into account.

We cater to your specific use cases. Our solutions work in highly distributed infrastructures, providing finalised complete software-hardware solutions for secure data aggregation and processing.

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Data protection system with searchable encryption, intrusion detection, and leakage prevention. Use Acra to provide end-to-end security for all the collected data.

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Security frameworks for integrating encryption into distributed apps and building end-to-end encrypted data exchange. Easy to add to your existing apps.

Security engineering and consulting

Security engineering and consulting

Building a secure system from scratch or adding security controls to existing products is a non-trivial task. Enrich your team’s competences with our security engineering skills.

Secure software development training

Secure software development training

Being good at software development does not equal having good cybersecurity skills. Train your team to build highly secure systems avoiding typical mistakes.

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How we make a difference

Our solutions are based on FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic libraries and they are tailored to work fast on cheap microcontrollers.

We help you to build a stable & scalable solution without limiting usability and also minimising cryptographic performance penalties.

Security & usability: we wrap strong cryptographic protection of data into the developer-friendly form.

How we make a difference

Our mission is simple.

We help you focus on serving your customers better, while relieving your team from security engineering pains and making your users confident that their data is safe with you.

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