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Security strategy & advisory

It's tricky to correlate security matters to your product growth plan when you're aspiring for a product business. It's hard to create an efficient security strategy that mitigates cybersecurity risks without compromising on the usability and flexibility of your solutions.

The reason is a gap between the world of product makers and the world of security people—the gap in their skills, competence, and mindset. We can cover this gap, ensuring that whatever you're building is resilient against the risks you're facing.

Security strategy is hard


Skills and experience


No silver bullet


Pragmatic strategy


False sense of security

What a proper security strategy brings

Focusing security on business needs

Reality instead of wishful thinking

Targeted efforts instead of band-aids

Our approach to security strategy

Focus on preventing risks, not vulnerabilities

We help you to define a company's cybersecurity goals and choose an efficient strategy to achieve them. Understanding processes, roles, milestones and having a clear roadmap is the most efficient way to synchronise product and security teams.

Map out security requirements

We translate the language of compliance requirements, business risks and customer value to your business and your tech stack. We will guide you towards the right security efforts and clarify what sets the right balance between security, cost, and operational trade-offs.

Balance security and business capability

Security is an invasive and never-ending process. We understand how to mitigate risks, minimise outage, improve general capacity in product teams, and spend their time preventing security weaknesses early on.

Business impact

Security aligned with business growth

Each stage of a company maturity requires a different focus. We make sure that you have a clear understanding of cybersecurity strategy in the context of company development.

Strategic program and tactical roadmap

From setting long-term security goals to choosing efficient strategies for each stage, we think years ahead and plan months ahead.

Transparent security

There will be no decisions that sound like "because security", and there will be many decisions that are directly correlated with business risk.

Prioritises that make sense

We help plan security processes, prioritise security features, find appropriate automation tools, and always be in sync with the latest regulations and guidelines.

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