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Mobile app security solutions

Mobile applications introduce new threat vectors and often work as a gateway for attackers. That’s why mobile apps security should mitigate specific risks & threats, and be aligned with the security of backend infrastructure.

Mobile platform landscape is constantly changing: Apple and Google introduce new privacy & security requirements, and the dev community moves from framework to framework (React Native, Dart / Flutter, Xamarin). Securing mobile apps is a process of befriending security measures with smooth user experience.

Challenges that require
mobile app security


New platform-specific risks


Apps are threat vectors


Mobile app security == company security


Popularity brings security issues

Modern mobile app security solutions

End-to-end encryption

Privacy-first apps


Our offerings

// Mobile application security software


Acra offers a selective and searchable encryption which is easy-to-integrate in already-built infrastructures. Acra provides client-side SDKs for building end-to-end or partially encrypted data flows on mobile apps.


A cross-platform cryptographic library for mobile, web, and server platforms, which solves 90% of typical data protection use cases that are common for most apps. Themis helps to integrate application level encryption fast and easy.

// Custom design and implementation

End-to-end encryption for apps

We design, implement and verify end-to-end encryption & key management flows for multi-platform apps. Against common belief, applications can benefit from e2ee and still provide smooth and fast UX. Our encryption engines are easy to understand, maintain and update.

Reverse engineering protection

Applications should be resilient against noisy users, competitors and attackers. We design IP protection layer: a mix of anti-reverse engineering, data encryption, transport security, linked with an anti-fraud system to ensure that attackers would waste their time without gain.

Security layers for complex use cases

We build data security layers for complicated use cases: encrypted CRDT-based data collaboration, multi-device & multi-user synchronisation, DRM-like protections for TensorFlow ML models, UX-friendly security for apps that work on millions of devices.

// Consulting

Auditing and reviewing

We perform security audits and design reviews of existing implementations, how your apps protect sensitive data in storage and in transit, perform authentication, protect API, attest devices, and so on.


We assess the security posture of your application and suggest a plan on how to improve security without hurting app releases. We help to prioritise security features, find appropriate tools, and always be in sync with the latest OWASP guidelines, Apple / Google requirements and country-wide regulations.

Product security strategy

It's tricky to correlate security matters to your product growth plan when you're aspiring for a business. Good security strategy mitigates cybersecurity risks without compromising on the usability and flexibility of your solutions.

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Business impact

Security that doesn’t ruin UI/UX

Mobile dev team works on features

Peace of mind

Applied experience

For innovators, by innovators

We've started Cossack Labs to develop new tools and methods for protecting the data and enabling novel solutions to emerging problems — so that at the edge of your innovation, you’ve already got fitting tools handy.

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