IoT security solutions

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IoT security and hardening

Over the years, smart connected devices have become smaller, cheaper, and easier to use in critical infrastructure, fintech, defence and industrial systems. Such devices often work with sensitive data and IP: gather and send telemetry data, run ML models, process video and photos, or control other devices—so, they should be protected against unauthorized access and misuse.

Edge Compute / IoT / ICS / SCADA security issues are centered around a fragmented ecosystem (different OS, languages and hardware capabilities), power and performance constraints, and unique threat models (grab-n-run). Unless specific actions are taken to secure the devices, applications, and communications, they are at risk.

IoT security challenges


Software and firmware vulnerabilities


Lack of strong cryptography and TEE


Platform security is complicated


Closed and legacy systems

IoT security solutions and approaches

Data and IP protection

OS security and hardening

Reverse engineering protections

Our offerings

// Relevant products


Acra makes field level encryption and searchable encryption easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Acra allows encrypting database fields “on the fly” without changing code, while Acra’s Data firewall and Anomalies Detection protect against suspicious activity.


As a high-level cross-platform cryptographic library for mobile, web, and server platforms, Themis helps to integrate application level encryption fast and easy. It solves 90% of typical data protection use cases that are common for most apps.

// Custom solutions and consulting

OS and device hardening for IoT

The exact steps of Linux hardening depend on the risks & threats of particular device usage. We configure OS, remove unused libraries, enable security controls, logging and monitoring, fail2ban, restrict access, and set up honeypots and fake accounts. We build an “emergency wipe” mechanism that cleans the data and apps if a device is thought-to-be compromised.

IP protection and anti-reverse engineering

Telemetry data, ML models, videos and photos, logs, user PII—if the device stores data, it should protect it. We configure LUKS—for data at rest encryption and additional application level encryption—for application data. We use a combination of controls to detect and prevent reverse engineering, including decrypting the data only after receiving a special token via NFC / Bluetooth devices.

Secure communications for IoT

For devices that should communicate with each other or the central hub, we build multi-layer communication security. It spreads from “just use TLS” to mutual authentication, TLS over VPN and application level encryption of packets with sensitive data. Devices might communicate over Wi-Fi, cellular network, pure TCP sessions or even SMS.

Specialized cryptography for IoT

IoT devices require using lightweight cryptography, like AES-SIV, Super ChaCha or BLAKE2, that is suited for low power devices. Cryptographic usage should be protected against side channels, use constant memory computations, add noise and zero key material after encryption.

Auditing and reviewing

We do security audits and review designs of existing implementations to give you a picture of how your application protects sensitive data, APIs, performs authentication, attest devices, etc.

Security engineering

Encryption never comes alone. We will advise you on data migration, key management, designing application level encryption flow, implementing certain security features, assessing your product, verifying its security properties, and providing actionable advisory on improvements.

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