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Fintech security solutions

Most current privacy regulations require state-of-the-art encryption when it comes to sensitive data protection. The scope of sensitive data has extended from credit cards and account numbers to personally identifiable information, behavioural analytics, and OLTP workload.

We have built secure systems for both traditional banking and modern fintech. Our solutions allow to follow compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, SOX, NIST, and protect the data without risking system's usability.

Fintech security challenges


Digital transformation and unsiloing


Moving to public cloud


Compliance demands and higher stakes


Wider open ecosystem

Modern fintech security solutions

Encryption closer to data

Zero Trust

Strong application security

Our offerings

// Relevant products


Offers a transparent application level encryption which is easy-to-integrate to already existing infrastructures. Use AcraServer to encrypt database fields “on the fly”, use Acra’s Requests Firewall and Anomalies Detection to protect against suspicious queries.


A cross-platform cryptographic library for mobile, web, and server platforms, which solves 90% of typical data protection use cases that are common for most fintech apps. Themis helps to integrate application level encryption fast and easy.

// Custom design and implementation

Secure fintech data vault

How to build a secure fintech application? Encrypt users' PII and transactions, and process them encrypted throughout your system to protect from tampering and insiders without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Verifiable audit logs

Integrate a provable audit trail into your system's major components. Demonstrate transparency and trust for your users, regulators and investors.

Security layers for complex use cases

Not every security challenge can be solved easily. Having experience in building security systems and tools for innovators, we understand that you might have specific challenges not mentioned on this page. We build bespoke solutions for complex use cases, so feel free to talk to us.

// Consulting

Making fintech compliant and secure

Wallets, nodes, exchanges require traditional security measures: appsec, datasec, infrasec. We help to prioritize, design and integrate only relevant security measures for your system.

Security review of fintech apps

We perform security audits and design reviews of fintech apps, neobanks and crypto wallets. We define their fitness against threat models and suggest improvements.

Security advisory

We offer security advisory to ensure your high level security goals are transformed into a clear roadmap. Our security managers and auditors assist with maintaining and formulating security procedures that bring pragmatic and compliance benefits.

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How we make a difference

Cloud Native Security

Target core fintech risks

Security & performance

Security & usability

Our mission is simple.

We help you focus on serving your customers better, while relieving your team from security engineering pains and making your users confident that their data is safe with you.

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