End-to-end encryption (E2EE) solutions

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End-to-end encryption (E2EE)

Many names, one concept. End-to-end encryption, Zero-knowledge protocols and architectures, zero-trust access control and security solutions all address one thing: building systems with elevated security requirements, where only trusted agents are allowed to access the data.

The challenge of E2EE / Zero Trust solutions is the combination of security, maintainability and flexibility, which doesn't ruin UX.

Challenges that require E2EE solutions


Hard to control


Elevated risks


Insider threats

Modern end-to-end encryption solutions

Modern crypto protocols

Zero Knowledge Architectures

Zero Trust access control

Our offerings

// End-to-end encryption software


Acra offers a selective and searchable encryption which is easy-to-integrate in already-built infrastructures. Acra can be used in E2EE / Zero Trust systems, efficiently applying encryption & other security controls to the data flow without significant alterations of the architecture.


A security framework for end-to-end encrypted data flow. Hermes provides cryptographically protected data processing and data collaborating without the need to re-encrypt an excessive amount of data.

// Custom design and implementation

Zero Trust and Zero Knowledge systems

We design distributed systems, which reinforce/verify their security guarantees using End-to-End encryption, Zero-knowledge proofs or similar cryptographic approaches.

End-to-End Encryption layers

We design & implement End-to-End Encryption schemes with key management tailored for your use case, technical stack and UX.

Differential privacy systems

Various techniques from privacy-enhancing cryptography, coupled with differential privacy, are naturally suited to resolve challenges in multi-party and interactive scenarios, avoiding the sharing of data across parties.

// Consulting

Designing architecture for your use case

Measure twice, cut once. Before migrating to E2EE / Zero Trust, one should spend time designing new architecture, re-thinking current approaches and working on a migration guide. Our security architecture and SRE expertise can help your team.

Reviewing application security

Reviewing and ensuring that product, application and infrastructure security enforces the right type of security guarantees are essential for Zero Trust tooling to be efficient.

Product security strategy

It's tricky to correlate security matters to your product growth plan when you're aspiring for a business. Good security strategy mitigates cybersecurity risks without compromising on the usability and flexibility of your solutions.

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Business impact

User trust

Decreased cognitive load

Simpler compliance

Reduced risk

For innovators, by innovators

We've started Cossack Labs to develop new tools and methods for protecting the data and enabling novel solutions to emerging problems — so that at the edge of your innovation, you’ve already got fitting tools handy.

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