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Critical national infrastructure

Many modern industrial and CNI infrastructures rely on simple devices and embedded computers sending telemetry signals, receiving control messages, and connecting the physical world to a digital representation. The increasing number of cybersecurity risks turn telemetry data and control messages into another kind of sensitive data that needs protection.

We have built secure systems that protect telemetry data in huge state-owned enterprises. Our solutions fit both state-owned TSOs and SCADA networks and simple IoT environments, and allow achieving compliance with ISO 27k, NIS, CAF, ICS, ETSI EN 303 64.

CNI industry challenges


Legacy systems


Vendor-locked solutions


Successfull cyberattacks


Availability is king

Modern CNI security solutions

Focus on a dataflow

Bridging legacy

High throughput and availability

Our offerings

// Relevant products


Offers a transparent application level encryption which is easy-to-integrate to already existing infrastructures. Use AcraServer to encrypt database fields “on the fly”, use Acra’s Requests Firewall and Anomalies Detection to protect against suspicious queries.

Acra's SCADA/ICS kit

Acra offers SCADA/ICS kit: specialised modules to gather data securely and process on a centralised service. Modules include: Ingest (grab data from remote devices), Parse (parse signals from popular ICS, SCADA and IIoT formats), Store (optimised TS storage), Use (a bridge between SCADA and IT analytics systems).

// Custom design and implementation

Integration with custom hardware

We built data aggregation modules to be integrated with custom hardware, injecting and encrypting data, and sending it encrypted to a processing center.

Specialised security modules

Critical infrastructure requires more than data protection. It needs a deep understanding of industry limitations, legacy protocols and the security risks associated with data automation.

Multi-layered security systems

We design scalable and reliable systems that integrate security on multiple levels: VPNs, TLS, cross-services authentication, field level encryption, data processing, audit logging, etc.

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How we make a difference

Fast & compliant crypto

Experience in country-scale systems


Adaptable to telemetry and telemechanics

Our mission is simple.

We help you focus on serving your customers better, while relieving your team from security engineering pains and making your users confident that their data is safe with you.

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