Cloud data security solutions

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Cloud data security solutions

Data security in a cloud is based on a risk sharing approach: cloud providers cover some security concerns, but the application owner is still responsible for the data security inside the application and some of the infrastructure security settings.

Having less things to worry about, but also less control impacts security posture and creates unique requirements for orchestrating data security controls. Things get especially tricky in a multi-cloud environment. Learn below about data security challenges in cloud computing and their solutions.

Cloud data security challenges


BYOK / HYOK challenges


Gap in available cloud security controls


Managing complexity


Vendor lock-in and cloud migration

Modern cloud data security solutions

Cover cloud security risks with fewer tools

Scalability and security

Developer friendly tools

Our offerings

// Cloud data security software


Acra is a best fit for cloud data security. Acra offers transparent field level encryption, searchable encryption, masking, tokenization, firewalling and many more. Acra protects data in cloud computing platforms, efficiently applying encryption & other security controls to the data flow, and works in many clouds.

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There’s something we’re preparing to address new cloud data security challenges – Please stay tuned for further announcements.

// Custom solutions and consulting

Tamper-free audit logs

Audit logging module helps to achieve PCI DSS compliance. It gathers logs and security events from any app, transforms them into a stream of cryptographically-protected logs, and stores them securely. The validation utility checks log messages and alerts the security team if logs were modified.

Security engineering

We advise you on designing cloud security architecture, implementing security features, assessing your ongoing or finished development project, verifying its security properties, and providing actionable advisory on improvements.

Security advisory

We offer security advisory to ensure your high level security goals are transformed into a clear roadmap. Our security managers and auditors assist with maintaining and formulating security procedures that bring pragmatic and compliance benefits.

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Benefits of our cloud security solutions

Cloud platform compatibility

Fast time to solution

Reduce risks and burden with engineering assistance

Cloud data security in use

cossack labs - acra database security suite working together with dao

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We've started Cossack Labs to develop new tools and methods for protecting the data and enabling novel solutions to emerging problems — so that at the edge of your innovation, you’ve already got fitting tools handy.

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