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Cryptography engineering

Cryptography has been historically considered one of the hardest-to-get-right, yet most robust defenses against data leakage, tampering and misuse.

Rolling your own crypto is a sin unless you're a cryptographer. Even then, it's still a bit of a sin. We know limits to our knowledge, and we understand where to roll, where to pick existing stuff, and how to adapt it to your product.

Implementing cryptography
is like dancing on a thin ice


False sense of security


Competence is rare


Real-world cryptography is hard


Cryptography misuse

What it takes to do crypto-based security

Cryptographic design

Correct verified implementations

People with applicable experience

Cossack Labs' difference in cryptography engineering

Applied experience

We make sure that implemented security measures follow a defense in depth approach, are designed efficiently, appropriate to your risks, and fit well with the application architecture.

Trained cryptographers

With extensive cryptographic and software engineering experience, we understand what it takes to match security and cryptography to a product experience.

Real-world, factored in

Even the best security controls are useless if implemented incorrectly. We conduct a security review of individual components, overall application security posture and specific compliance requirements.

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We can provide a wide range of cryptography engineering assistance — from handling zk-SNARKs to building end-to-end encrypted mobile apps.

Need novel crypto schemes, cryptographic design validation, or cryptocode audit — our engineers can help you.

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