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AI/ML systems security

AI/ML is essential for modern businesses. It includes analysing customer behaviour and using data processing methods to deliver new value to customers. Novel technologies bring novel threats or exacerbate existing ones, and since they’re data-related and math-heavy, we’re often asked by our customers to help tackle them.

We design and build cryptographic solutions for AI/ML-driven businesses, including ML model security, DRM-like schemes and protecting ML models against reverse engineering attacks.

Typical challenges for AI/ML security


Hard to balance


Protecting ML models


Customer privacy rights


Data security concerns

Modern solutions

ML model security

Differential privacy

Inference/statistical security

Our offerings

// Relevant products


A cross-platform cryptographic library for mobile, web, and server platforms, which solves 90% of typical data protection use cases that are common for most apps. Themis helps to integrate application level encryption fast and easy.

To be announced

There's a product that we're preparing to address ML models security – Please stay tuned for further announcements.

// Custom design and implementation

DRM-like ML-models protection

We’ve designed, implemented and co-maintained encryption-based protection with backend authorization for ML models that run on mobile applications, using CoreML, pytorch, TensorFlow.

Differential privacy systems

We’ve designed differential privacy and statistical security-based data protection systems that respect individual GDPR rights while performing data processing.

Security layers for complex use cases

We build data security layers for complicated use cases: encrypted CRDT-based data collaboration, multi-device & multi-user synchronisation, DRM-like protections for TensorFlow ML models, UX-friendly security for apps that work on millions of devices.

// Consulting

Protection against statistical attacks

We assist building anonymous de-identification schemes that enable statistical security against traditional and ML classification efforts with huge datasets.

Pragmatic security

Oftentimes, tools and methods are well-known, but having enough security experience to choose appropriate controls is what sets good ML security from "we've tried something".

Product security strategy

It's tricky to correlate security matters to your product growth plan when you're aspiring for a business. Good security strategy mitigates cybersecurity risks without compromising on the usability and flexibility of your solutions.

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We've started Cossack Labs to develop new tools and methods for protecting the data and enabling novel solutions to emerging problems — so that at the edge of your innovation, you’ve already got fitting tools handy.

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