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The main page of the site.

All products

Description and features of all the available Cossak Labs products in one place. Makes it easy to select the right product for you.


Easy to use cryptographic framework for data protection: secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage; unified APIs across 12 platforms.


SQL/NoSQL database security suite for web apps: database proxy with selective encryption, search through encrypted data, SQL injections prevention, intrusion detection, honeypots.


Security framework for enabling multi-user end-to-end encrypted data storage, sharing, and access control in the application.


Data management platform, which provides end-to-end encrypted storage and sharing layer on top of the traditional server infrastructure.

Solutions for Finance

Data security tools and solutions for traditional banking and modern fintech ranging from credit card data safety to secure account numbers’, PII handling, behavioural analytics, OLTP workload and beyond.

Solutions for Healthcare

Cybersecurity solutions for the digital side of healthcare. Patients’ data protection, better HIPAA and GDPR compliance, handling of "vendor-locked" solutions and unified data formats.

Solutions for Critical infrastructure

Data security tools and solutions for critical infrastructure and power grids: SCADA network security, IoT security, telemetry data protection.

Solutions for E-commerce

Secure data processing modules for e-commerce apps based on encryption and pseudonymization, and a toolkit for mitigating typical risks for e-commerce platforms.

Solutions for SaaS

Data protection layer for the data stored and exchanged in Software-as-a-Service’s zone of responsibility based on selective or end-to-end encryption, intrusion detection, and monitoring.

All services

Overview and short description of all the services provided by Cossack Labs.

Advisory services

Strategic and tactical security consulting services that help to improve your cybersecurity program.

Security engineering services

Risk and vulnerability prevention through implementation and configuring of security controls.

Cryptography engineering services

The whole range of cryptographic engineering services from design to implementation and audit of cryptographic protocols and systems.

Customer success program services

We can take care of the security matters, allowing you to dedicate your time to building product features.

Support services

Ongoing multi-tier support services and oversight that benefit you and your use case most.


Information on secure development trainings carried out by Cossack Labs.


Frequently updated blog with development-related articles written by the engineers of Cossack Labs and summaries of the release notes for each new release of Themis, Acra, and Hermes.

Cossack Labs Documentation Server

Documentation, tutorials, and a collection of engineering examples and demos for Cossack Labs' products. It features the documentation for Themis, Acra, and Hermes.


This section hosts the whitepapers authored by Cossack Labs cryptographic team..


This section hosts presentations and public appearance recaps by Cossack Labs.


Frequently asked questions and short information statements.


Engineering partners, enterprise/industrial systems integrators, strategic and security consulting partners of Cossack Labs

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Online contacts and address information for Cossack Labs.

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