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An open source cryptographic library that provides transport, authentication, and data-at-rest protection.


A database security suite for modern web apps, which protects sensitive data against leaks and many typical threats through strong selective encryption, and intrusion detection capabilities.


Cryptographic access control framework, which enables users to remotely manage and manipulate permissions over encrypted records.


Lifecycle protection for sensitive data, encompassing most threats that exist for client data within your system.


DataGuardian Assistance Program – one-time security assessment, improvement implementation assistance, and remote support by the engineers of Cossack Labs.


Information on secure development trainings carried out by Cossack Labs.


Frequently updated blog with development-related articles written by the engineers of Cossack Labs and summaries of the release notes for each new release of Themis, Acra, and Hermes.

Cossack Labs Documentation Server

Documentation, tutorials, and a collection of engineering examples and demos for Cossack Labs' products. It features the documentation for Themis, Acra, and Hermes.


This section hosts the whitepapers authored by Cossack Labs.


This section hosts presentations and public appearance recaps by Cossack Labs.


Frequently asked questions and short information statements.


Engineering pertners, enterprise/industrial systems integrators, strategic and security consulting partners of Cossack Labs

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