Security engineering

Expert assistance is the difference between “having a security feature implemented somewhere” and “preventing security incidents” when implementing critical security components.

We bring our skills and knowledge to help you build secure software.

Services: security engineering

Whether you’re building a simple mobile application that operates on sensitive data or a large-scale data exchange system, ensuring high-quality security engineering is a priority from day one. Our engineers augment your technical capabilities and fill your skill gaps wherever necessary — in designing, planning, implementing, or verifying security components of your solutions.

We help you integrate secure software development lifecycle into development processes and add security value to your product.

Designing and validating security architecture

Security architecture evolves together with your product and should align with your business goals and threats. It’s crucial to make sure that the implemented security measures are based on efficient design, are appropriate to your risks, and fit well with the general application architecture.

We can help you design from scratch or improve the architecture of your security components, cryptographic design, and key management scheme. We assess your system, ensuring that security controls are efficiently integrated into the general application architecture. We advise you on security decisions that compromise neither maintainability nor usability of your system.

Services: security engineering

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Services: security engineering

Implementing security components and subsystems

Designing security controls that focus on preventing risks, not vulnerabilities.

Building using “defence in depth” approach: selecting and implementing overlapping security controls for exploitable high-risk vectors.

Implementing security controls in a cost-efficient, maintainable, and verifiable way.

Assessing and improving application security measures in web and mobile applications.

Configuring security components to achieve the balance between UX, performance, and security guarantees.

Improving the system’s security by supporting platform-specific features (biometric authentication, integration with HSMs and TPMs, Keychain/Keystore, etc.).

Assessing and verifying security controls

Even the best security controls are useless if implemented incorrectly. What’s worse — they create a false illusion of security. We carry out a security review of individual components, overall application security posture (according to community standards — OWASP ASVS, OWASP SAMM, etc.) and specific compliance requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.).

If you are building a security-critical system, we can act as SSDLC enabler, providing constant oversight over features, matching them to risks, and assisting your engineers in implementing security-related code appropriately.

Services: security engineering

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