Customer success program

Reliable data security takes much more than getting cryptographic code to compile and run.

Our customer success program is customised to fit each specific deployment. It could be that you lack the time to integrate our products accurately or you don’t have the resources or desire to build custom workflows. We are here to lift this burden off you.

Let’s work side-by-side with your engineering team to make sure that you retain maximum security benefits from using our products in your use case.

As a result of participating in our customer success program, you’ll enhance your product with core encryption tools, understand the realistic security and compliance demands you’re facing, educate your team on security engineering, and improve your processes to maintain high security levels of your product.

What do you get with the Customer Success Program?

We’ve designed the Customer Success Program to be a mix of security engineering assistance and advisory services that cater to your specific business needs, helping you achieve a stable, reliable security posture.

Clear threat model

We help you define all sources of risk for your data assets, set security priorities, and analyse the potential impact of data-related incidents. Then we suggest the appropriate next steps.

Usable security

We help you deploy our solutions with maximum security benefits while preserving maximal usability and maintainability of your system.

Increased security awareness

By taking software security engineering training, your development team members increase their security skills (directly applicable to your industry and stack) and gain better understanding of what to keep an eye out for.

Secure data lifecycle

We’ve designed our products to cover the full sensitive data lifecycle. Using them, we can help you build a secure infrastructure for data processing, storage, and transmission between components.

Extensive products support

We fully configure and fine-tune our products inside your industrial settings for you to benefit from 100% of their extensive features, tailored to your specific needs.

Verifiable security

We help you deploy DevOps processes that ensure further secure development of your product without slowing down your development pace.

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Thorough security on every step

Stage 1. Analysis and goal setting

We help you classify the data handled by your product, analyse the real-world risks, compliance demands according to modern data protection and privacy regulations, and suggest the threat and security models. Your team will form a shared vision of the data flow and data risks across your product(s).

DGAP risks
DGAP measures

Stage 2. Secure data lifecycle

We map out the risks threatening the technical infrastructure that operates on sensitive data and suggest security controls that prevent or limit the exploitable high-risk vectors.

Stage 3. Implementation

For every risk mitigation technique, we provide guidance and tools (both proprietary and open-source) for implementing security controls in your own product(s).

DGAP integration

Stage 4. Verification and ongoing security

Upon completing the implementation stage, we’ll help you continuously test the security of your system and continue your development process efficiently, with the new security tools and standards in place.

Result: your product, your team, your data.
Safer, smarter, risk-free.

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