Advisory services

Hands-on advice from experienced security engineers makes the difference between a formal security policy and a security policy that creates a real impact.

We bring our expertise to clear the way for you.

Cybersecurity advisory

Shortage of technical and operational experience in cybersecurity is a huge roadblock for decision-making. Someone has to ask the tough questions: what are the problems, the risks, and what is the worst-case scenario? We can do that for you.

Next, we’ll help you explore answers by assessing security risks, understanding the threats, prioritising practical efforts, and defining risk treatment and acceptance approaches.

Strategic cybersecurity program

We can help you mitigate cybersecurity risks without compromising on usability and flexibility of your solutions. The process starts with defining your cybersecurity goals and choosing efficient strategies for achieving them. Our experienced security managers and engineers will provide strategic and tactical advice.

With our assistance, managing data security strategy, implementing secure software development lifecycle, improving security infrastructure, and updating security architecture becomes an easy task. We also provide security engineering training for your developers, if you need it.

Security advisory services

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Risk assessment

Prioritising the needs of your business: we provide a clear insight into what you should spend your time on when building your product.

Clarifying the risk map: something that poses a significant threat to one business is a negligibly rare event for another — learn the difference.

Building data flow, risk and threat models: understanding the flow of sensitive data helps find weak spots across the whole system.

Suggesting security decisions that reflect the specifics of your product, not just checking the boxes on a security checklist.

Following FAIR, NIST SP 800-39, ISO 31000:200 methodologies.

Mapping out compliance demands

Modern privacy regulations mandate security features and define the expected outcomes. They are worded in terms of digital rights, loss avoidance, ability to manage risks. And there is a growing gap between the general compliance demands — which cannot be regulated by standardised checklists — and the practical implementation efforts.

We translate the language of compliance requirements to your business and your technological stack. We guide you towards the right security steps to take and clarify, what is high priority and a “must-have”, and what sets the right balance between security, cost, and operational trade-offs.

Security advisory services

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