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By accessing the Cossack Labs Limited website(s) you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy (provided below). If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not access or use Cossack Labs Limited website(s).

Data handling

The products of Cossack Labs Limited collect no user data, sensitive, or whatsoever. The only place where the user data (email and password) might be collected is the subscription and registration forms on the Cossack Labs limited website ( and its branches in the same domain (i.e., We only store the emails (in encrypted form) and password hashes (meaning the passwords are never stored in plaintext and are safe with us).


The Cossack Labs Limited website uses cookies and collects some basic log information (device type, browser, session length, etc.) using 3rd party analytical services. You can find out more (including with the information on how to opt out of tracking) on the Cookie Policy page and in the full text of the Privacy Policy (provided below).

The right to be forgotten

At any moment, using their right to be forgotten the person who’d provided their personal data can contact us via or using our physical address provided in the full text of the Privacy Policy of Cossack Labs Limited and request that their data is permanently deleted from our databases.

A note on offline communication with Cossack Labs Limited

If you have previously received any materials from Cossack Labs in an offline form (i.e. via regular mail as postcards), this means that you’ve personally opted in for receiving those offline materials by providing us with your physical address upon personal requests of the employees of Cossack Labs Limited who explicitly explained to you that the information you’re providing will not be used for anything else but sending the offline materials to you. If you wish to stop receiving such offline materials or wish to change, update, transfer, or erase the data previously provided to and used by Cossack Labs Limited for sending you offline materials after the moment of GDPR coming into effect, please contact us via – your contact data will be forgotten.

GDPR compliance

The information about the GDPR compliance (GDPR privacy notice) can be found in the full text of our Privacy Policy under the link below.

Full text of the Cossack Labs Limited Website(s) Privacy Policy

You can download the full document containing our Privacy Policy following this link.

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