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Crypto R&D internship

Part timeRemote // Learn how to be a great cryptographic engineer.

The opportunity: #

Crypto R&D engineering is a rare specialisation that demands to develop more than a few skills.

Not many universities have rich & real-world cryptology education, which makes this profession even harder to enter. During the job interviews, we often see how big is the gap between university knowledge and the discussions in a global cryptographic community.

To fill this gap, we launched our own internship for computer science students interested in cryptography. Currently, we’re beta testing the program with several interns involved.

The training program is very practical and consists of several large topics to be covered in 4-6 months. Our interns are undergrad students, so they combine university courses with the internship and work with us in a part-time paid remote job mode — with flexible hours, regular calls and reviews, mentored by me and my colleagues who are academic cryptographers, software and security engineers.

Read more about Cossack Labs crypto R&D internship program.

How to apply: #

Right now, the current crypto R&D internship course has been paused. We are planning to start the next one in Q3 2024.

Please stay tuned for further announcements!

Not sure but considering? Talk to us. #

If you are a student and you are interested in obtaining practicle cryptographic knowledge and continue your career in crypto engineering — watch our announcements, or send your resume to join the watchlist.

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