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🇺🇦 We stand with Ukraine, and we stand for Ukraine. We offer free assessment and mitigation services to improve Ukrainian companies security resilience.

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Cossack Labs is pushing the boundary of what’s possible in data and software products security with research, products, solutions, and services. We build unique cryptographic tools and custom solutions to protect the data & peace of mind of millions of people and aid innovators in their hefty research.

Cossack Labs #

We help ambitious companies innovate securely: innovate while preserving user privacy, innovate in peace of mind that their innovation is protected.

We build security libraries, developer tools, custom solutions and collaborate with development teams as a security engineering team. In essence, we do whatever is necessary to efficiently build practically secure systems without draining developers time and minds.

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Working at Cossack Labs #

Open positions #

We typically hire software developers, security engineers, SREs, cryptography engineers, and many more.
If you don't see a position of your dream but would like to work with us–drop us an email with your CV.

Kyiv, UkraineLviv, UkraineFull timeFlexible Remote // Join operations team, build secure distributed systems.

Kyiv, UkraineFull timeFlexible remote // Analysing and improving information security processes.

Kyiv, UkraineFull timeFlexible remote // Building complex software/hardware systems securely.

Internship #

We mentor and train STEM students to provide them with an opportunity to join the security industry with high-class professionals.

Some of our core team members have academic teaching experience, and many senior engineers have mentoring and tutoring experience. We use it to foster curiosity and expertise in young specialists and enable them to enter security engineering.

Part timeRemote // Learn how to be a great cryptographic engineer.

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