DataGuardian Assistance Program

It takes more than getting cryptographic code to compile and run to provide data security

Recent changes in legislation (GDPR, DPB) turn all the personal data into sensitive data. Making the right decisions about implementing data security on your own is both hard and onerous. Our one-time, flat-fee DataGuardian Assistance Program (DGAP) comprises all the necessary tools and expertise you’ll need.

The security engineers at Cossack Labs will help you understand the practical data security risks your application is exposed to, set the correct design goals for security functions, and then assist with the implementation. The tools and recommendations we provide will enable your engineers to deploy and verify data encryption and key management in your product in a straightforward and convenient way and ensure its consistent work in the future.

Assistance program principles

Flat fee

Complex one-time assistance.

Handled with care

Security provided by security pros.

Dev from Devs

Developed and implemented by us.

What’s inside DGAP?

Threat/risk modelling session for setting correct goals for a security system. Compliance, best-practice, bleeding edge risk essentials and demands are covered.
Architecture/development process review which ensures that personalised advice on implementing the most suitable security controls is provided.
Advice on the process of implementation and deployment of security controls within the desired solution.
Development supervision
Remote support provided by our specialists during the integration of security tools.
Implementation verification
Post-development assistance in the process of verification of the security controls.
Moving on
Recommendations on preserving the secure system state during the further development processes.

What are the results of using DGAP?

Maximum security
The data in your application is secure (within the scope of the data security practices and risks).
Сomplete process analysis
You receive a report with recommendations that cover the process, further suggestions, and the best practices.

DGAP is now available for:

Mobile applications
Focus on your mobile logic and interfaces, make your backend stable and reliable. Our engineers with deep understanding of mobile development will take care of the rest.
Web-only applications
We make sure that the data is preserved throughout the trusted perimeter of your server backend. Your engineers focus on what makes your web app unique and efficient.

Where to start?

Request more information about DGAP or let’s discuss our cooperation.

Download the official brief of DGAP program that provides more details, in a convenient PDF form.
Let your developers develop We'll take care of the security.

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