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Conferences & events

Jun 2024 #

Building Security Protections for Robotic Devices

May 2024 #

Secure architecture for mission-critical systems

Conference image
Mar 2024 #

Bulletproof your software: The magic of security autotests

Mar 2024 #

Building data-centric security controls for mission-critical applications

Conference image
Feb 2024 #

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Diagnostics: Strengthening Digital Protection

Conference image Ihor Malchenyuk at “Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Diagnostics: Strengthening Digital Protection” conference
Jun 2023 #

Investments in Cybersecurity in the CEE region

Conference image Panel discussion “Investments in Cybersecurity in the CEE region.”
Feb 2022 #

Crypto wallets security for developers

Nov 2021 #

The secret life of Android apps

Nov 2021 #

Data is a new security boundary

Sep 2021 #

React Native security: addressing typical mistakes

Conference image Sketch of Julia's NSSpain talk by felibe444
Sep 2021 #

Cryptographic protection of ML models

Conference image Slide from Anastasiia's talk about ML models protection by means of cryptography
Sep 2021 #

The art of secure architecture

Conference image Slide from Julia's talk about security architecture and tradeoffs
Jun 2021 #

Encryption export regulations. Why should mobile developers care?

May 2021 #

iOS vulnerabilities and how to fix them

Conference image Slide from Julia's talk about improper usage of biometric authentication API
Jan 2021 #

End-to-end encrypted doesn't mean secure

Nov 2020 #

Secure Authentication. Are you sure you do it right?

Jun 2020 #

Use cryptography, don’t learn it

Conference image Eugene @ QCon London 2020
Mar 2020 #

Designing secure architectures the modern way, regardless of stack

Nov 2019 #

Protecting data in ICS, SCADA and industrial IoT: goals, problems, solutions

Conference image Eugene @ UA.SC
Nov 2019 #

Security engineering: from encryption to software architecture patterns

Nov 2019 #

Maintaining cryptographic library for 12 languages

Conference image Anastasiia @ BlackAlps
Oct 2019 #

Designing secure architectures, the modern way

Conference image Eugene and Anastasiia taking part in panel discussion @ Devops Stage
Oct 2019 #

Building SQL firewall: insights from developers

Conference image Artem @ Fwdays Highload
Sep 2019 #

10 ways open source will hurt security and reliability

Sep 2019 #

10 lines of encryption, 1500 lines of key management

Conference image Slide from Anastasiia's talk with lines of defense around end-to-end encrypted notes
Sep 2019 #

Disagree with "I Agree". Enforcing Better GDPR Compliance Through API Documentation

Jun 2019 #

Security, privacy and cryptography at WWDC19

May 2019 #

Search over encrypted records: from academic dreams to production-ready tool

Conference image Artem Storozhuk @ NoNameCon
Apr 2019 #

"Defense in depth": trench warfare principles for building secure distributed applications

Mar 2019 #

Code injections using ptrace

Mar 2019 #

Secure software development: from rookie to hardcore in 90 minutes [workshop]

Conference image Anastasiia Voitova
Mar 2019 #

Delivering security products without shooting yourself in the foot

Conference image Dmytro Shapovalov @ SecurityBSides Kyiv
Feb 2019 #

Teach your application eloquence. Logs, metrics, traces.

Conference image Dmytro Shapovalov @ RubyMeditation
Dec 2018 #

Data encryption for Ruby web applications

Dec 2018 #

Cryptography & data security: protecting the data while reducing cost in distributed systems

Conference image Anastasiia Voitova @ JavaZone
Dec 2018 #

Defensive team – who are the security engineers and how they help teams to develop secure applications

Conference image Cossack Labs people @ NoNameCon
Sep 2018 #

Marrying usability and security in large-scale infrastructures

Sep 2018 #

Protecting sensitive data in modern multi-component systems

Conference image Karen Sawrey @ API The Docs Amsterdam
Jun 2018 #

Zero Knowledge Architecture Approach for Mobile Developers [workshop]

Jun 2018 #

Making security usable: product engineer perspective

May 2018 #

Getting secure against challenges or getting security challenges done

Conference image Eugene Pilyankevich
May 2018 #

Documenting the secret

May 2018 #

X things you need to know before implementing cryptography

Apr 2018 #

Encryption without magic, risk management without pain

Conference image Karen Sawrey
Apr 2018 #

The Bad, The Ugly, The Good

Apr 2018 #

GDPR – Get security done

Conference image Eugene Pilyankevich @ OSDN Kyiv explaining Data encryption
Oct 2017 #

Zero-knowledge architectures for mobile applications

Oct 2017 #

Why decentralized social services fail

Conference image Anastasiia Voitova @ NoNameCon
Apr 2017 #

Key management approaches for mobile applications

Apr 2017 #

DevOps and security: from the trenches to command centers

Nov 2016 #

End-to-end data turnover: building Zero-knowledge software

Conference image Eugene Pilyankevich
Aug 2016 #

Everything will be broken

May 2016 #

Evolution of password-based authentication systems

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