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Case Critical infrastructure Industrial 2019 - 2021

Protecting telemetry data in state-wide critical infrastructure network


  • Power grid operator

  • Critical infrastructure

Technology stack

  • Telemetry hardware

  • IEC-104 compliant meters

  • TSO Central Dispatch system


  • Internal security policies and IEC standards

Technology requirements

Secure data flow

Data availability

SCADA integration



Telemetry security

No direct communication

Unavailable cellular networks


Products and services involved

Acra, <span class="font-normal">a database security suite</span>

Acra, a database security suite

Acra's cryptographic design allows to separate encryption and decryption to different parts of the system while storing data in encrypted format and providing easy-to-maintain key managements procedures.

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Themis, <span class="font-normal">a cross-platform crypto library</span>

Themis, a cross-platform crypto library

We used cryptographic library Themis as a building block for transport layer encryption on application level, relying on its interoperability among required platforms and OSs.

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Security advisory and security engineering

Security advisory and security engineering

We've designed telemetry data protection system, assisted with its integration and support.

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Results and outcomes

Integrating data protection into legacy system

Updating legacy systems to comply with data security regulations is a laborious process. We already worked with state-owned TSOs, ICS/SCADA systems, and can help you too.

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