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Case Allbridge Classic DeFi AUG–SEPT 2022

Smart contract security audit for Allbridge Classic

Allbridge's Tezos Project audit results

In the public report, we summarised the security assessment of Allbridge's Tezos Project: the process, a list of findings, theoretical and practical concerns. We would like to note the efforts that the Allbridge team has put into the security & reliability of smart contracts code and their infrastructure. The team has implemented not only 'band-aid' fixes but refactored and improved significant pieces of code based on our recommendations.


  • Fintech

  • DeFi

Technology stack

  • Smart contracts

  • Tezos Network

  • JavaScript, Python, LIGO


  • Typical fintech security requirements


Technology requirements

Immutable smart contracts

A bridge works across several blockchains

Support of token standards

Our approach

Keen understanding of blockchain threats

Pragmatic security, proven methods

Comprehensive security review and analysis


The article Smart contracts security audit: tips & tricks by Nazar Serhiichuk
gives even more details about intricacies of smart contracts based
on our boring cryptography engineering experience.

Smart contract security audit: tips & tricks

Smart contract security audit: tips & tricks

Smart contract security audit is very different from traditional application security audit. Smart contracts are immutable, they interact with each other and transfer user funds between accounts. Unique threat landscape brings unique challenges.

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Products and services involved

Blockchain security solutions

Blockchain security solutions

We combined deep understanding of cryptography with data, application, and product security expertise to verify and ensure the correctness of cryptographic primitives and their usage.

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Security engineering & architecture

Security engineering & architecture

Our team went above and beyond just code: we provided recommendations related to the smart contract lifecycle, transactions data flows, and compatibility between parts of the Tezos Project.

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Results and outcomes

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