COSSACK LABS | Сryptographic IP protection for AI/ML-driven product
Case ML & TensorFlow AI/ML

Сryptographic IP protection for AI/ML product


  • AI & ML

  • Media

Technology stack

  • iOS, Android native apps

  • GCP

  • Python, Go backend

  • ML / TensorFlow


  • CCPA, GDPR, local privacy regulations

  • Encryption Export Regulations


Technology requirements

IP protection system

Designed IP protection system for TensorFlow models should minimize their lifetime and make them difficult to misuse.

Security that doesn't ruin UI/UX

Security measures should be seamlessly integrated across mobile apps, API, and backend infrastructure.

Flexible cryptographic layer

Cryptographic layer should work across platforms and be easy to maintain, giving the Customer's team the necessary flexibility for improving their product.

Our Approach

Pragmatic risks

Shotgun judgments and immediate decisions only do harm when trying to solve novel sophisticated problems. To make sure that we're focusing on issues that are of real relevance and priority to the Customer's business model, we started from risk assessment and threat modelling.

Risk analysis

At this stage, the Customer's team got equipped with a risk analysis of their applications and infrastructure specific needs, as well as a security strategy, all allowing them to prioritize security measures.

Incorporating security

Then, together with the app team, we've focused on incorporating security into all steps of SSDLC: designing a well-rounded set of security controls and processes that enable IP protection, PII protection, and application security.


Products and services involved

Themis, <span class="font-normal">a cross-platform crypto library</span>

Themis, a cross-platform crypto library

Themis is a cross-platform high-level open-source cryptographic library. We used Themis as a building block for cryptographic protocol, focusing on the data flow and performance while having cryptography covered.
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Security advisory

Security advisory

We've built risk, threat and trust models, analysed and prioritised attack vectors, planned security controls, and assisted with implementation and verification of controls.
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Cryptography engineering

Cryptography engineering

We've designed cryptographic protocol and key management layout for ML models encryption, assisted with implementation and verification.
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Security engineering

Security engineering

We've recommended numerous platform-specific security controls for mobile apps, assisted in improving backend API security and designing the anti-fraud system for protection against malicious users.
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The designed data security solution provides a solid foundation to cover compliance requirements, as well as data privacy regulations, and is built to grow together with the project's upgrowth.

Results and outcomes

Results and outcomes

Usable security is not a myth

It's possible to build secure and usable systems, but it takes efforts. Use our products 'as is' or build specialised solutions to take your data security to the next level.

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