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Thank You for Contributing and Using Themis in 2018

We believe that everyone should be able to create secure applications and protect users’ privacy. That’s why our main cryptographic components are open source and developer-friendly. But open-source would be nothing without external contributions and feedback from users. We would like to publicly celebrate our open-source contributors and users who challenged us to make our open-source offerings more robust by asking hard questions, pointing out usability problems and potential usage patterns we were not aware of before.

Themis cryptographic library is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source software created following the idea that developers should concentrate on building their products and not worry about the correct implementation of encryption algorithms. We believe that with the help of Themis, everyone can create mobile, web, and IoT applications that are secure by default.

We put a lot of effort into supporting Themis for 10 popular programming languages and into making sure its API is easy to use and hard to misuse. Themis is our core engine and we dedicate a lot of time to making it better. Our other tools (like Acra and Hermes) are also running with Themis under the hood.


Welcome to Themis 2018 contributors

  • A huge thank you goes out to Alexei Lozovsky who is working tirelessly on bringing a Rust wrapper to Themis. We can’t measure the level of gratitude we feel towards Alexei who just found us one day and said: “The Rust community needs such a cool library as Themis so I will port it”. As a result of Alexei’s meticulous work, there is not only a Rust wrapper on the way, but some errors and slights in the processing of corner cases have also been fixed. Alexei, keep up the good work, our whole team is extremely grateful for what you do!

  • We want to thank our first-time contributor @deszip who has helped a lot with updating the NodeJS wrapper for Themis.

  • Thank you to our core contributors’ team: @secumod, @lagovas, @shadinua, @storoj72, @karenswry, and @vixentael, who all take care of the cryptography, high level language wrappers and APIs, documentation, and releases.

Some developers and silent contributors who helped Themis this year prefer not to disclose their own and their projects’ names. We respect their privacy, but you know who you are and we are extremely glad to cooperate!

We're happy to say thanks to some of the public projects that used Themis and provided valuable feedback this year:



Healthcare information exchange platform from the Netherlands created for safe, effective, expedient, and long-term successful treatment of hospital patients. Special thanks to Andrei Popa.


kit — Keep it together

Personal organiser mobile app for iOS and Android for secure storage of logins, passwords, dates, and notes with the help of end-to-end encryption. Themis is used for encrypting all the data that is shared between the users.

Gochat by @ys1382

An open source secure chat written in Go, which uses Themis as the encryption engine. If you want to improve your Go knowledge – consider reading its code.


Hyperledger Sawtooth-based blockchain application with the main contributors being Arthur Greef and Frank Castellucci. In Hashblock-exchange, Themis is used for encrypting/decrypting using EC key-pairs of transaction content on the block.

A “Media sharing service”

A media sharing project that wished to remain anonymous. It allows users to earn money by sharing media content. Themis is used as a multi-platform library for iOS, Android, and PHP sides of the project as it allows decrypting data when necessary, on authenticated devices only, protecting the stored and the transferred data.

These are just some of the projects that use Themis and contributed to our improved understanding of how to improve the library in future. Want to be featured on our blog and on the list of contributors on Themis GitHub and in Themis Documentation, too? Write us about the project you’ve created using Themis, Acra, or Hermes and let us know more about the use-cases, problems you've encountered - so we can improve them!

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