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Themis 0.9.6 release


One release a week is good, two releases is better still. After releasing Hermes-core 0.5.1 PoC yesterday, following the good tradition of releasing on the 13th day of the month, we’re releasing Themis 0.9.6 today.

The main feature of this release is adding support for OpenSSL 1.1. The rest of the update details are as follows:



  • Removed support for Ubuntu Precise.

  • Fixed .rpm package versioning (#240).

  • Added a handy command for preparing and running of all the tests make test (#243).

  • Added small changes and updates into Makefile to make it even better and fixed the installing dependencies (#236, #239, #250).


  • fixed Secure Cell in token protect mode (#251);

  • fixed casting warnings in JNI code (#246).

  • updated wrapper to be compatible with Swift4 (#230);

  • added nullability support (#255);

  • made the NSError autoreleasing (#257, #259) from @valeriyvan;

  • fixed warnings that appeared due to renaming error.h files (#247);

  • updated and refactored tests (#231, #232).

  • added compatibility with old Go (1.2) (#253);

  • fixed tests (#261).

And onwards to the great adventures!

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