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Themis 0.13.0 Is Released


New Themis Release: 0.13.0 #

Today, the Cossack Labs team is proud to announce Themis 0.13.0 release. Themis is a high-level “boring” cryptographic library that gives developers easy-to-use hard-to-misuse blocks to solve 90% of typical crypto use cases for web and mobile apps.

New update makes storage encryption easier to use and introduces Kotlin for Android support (which becomes the 14th officially supported language). You can find latest source code in the GitHub repository. Installation and update instructions are available in the documentation.

Major improvements: #

  1. Introducing “encrypt-with-passphrase” API for Secure Cell. Developers can use short and human-friendly passphrases, Themis then applies KDF to derive cryptographically strong keys.

  2. Introducing API for generating symmetric keys for use with Secure Cell where using passphrases is not an option.

  3. Enhancing Themis installation process for most languages and OS.

  4. Supporting Kotlin for Android.

  5. Updating look-and-feel of the Themis knowledge base, filled with real-world examples and security engineering guidelines. You are welcome to take a tour on Cossack Labs Documentation Server.

Among other important updates: #

  • 14 languages/platforms supported: Swift, Objective-C, Java on desktop, Java on Android, Kotlin on Android, Ruby, Python, PHP, C, C++, Go, Rust, JavaScript on Node.js, JavaScript with WebAssembly.

  • Many languages received refreshed Secure Cell API with partially deprecated parts of the old API. Refer to the individual language sections for details.

  • ObjCThemis installed via Carthage is now called objcthemis instead of just themis ( read more ).

  • Swift 5 is now tested and supported for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

  • Java 7 is no longer supported, breaking Android and Java builds on outdated systems ( read more ).

  • Python 2 is no longer supported ( read more ).

  • Node.js v14 is now supported by JsThemis and WebAssembly.

  • Serialisation of Secure Session state in JavaThemis is now deprecated ( read more ).

  • Tons of fixes and improvements.

You can find the complete list of all the changes and additions in Themis 0.13.0 in the changelog.

Every Themis release introduces changes that help developers to solve crypto challenges by spending less time on cryptography and preventing nasty errors.

Enjoy developing great products while we take on data security! 🧡

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