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Introducing Themis 0.9.3

More than half of the year has passed since the last release and we have done a lot to make Themis better. Here is what we have updated:


  • Lots of new high-level language wrappers

  • Enhanced documentation

  • We have added lots of various demo projects

  • Updated Themis Server

  • Better make system verbosity (now you can see what succeeded and what didn't)

  • Infrastructure to build Java on all platforms.


  • iOS wrapper now has umbrella header. 

  • We have added Swift language examples and howto.

  • Themis wrapper for Go language: howto (examples coming soon).

  • Themis wrapper for NodeJSexamples and howto.

  • Google Chrome-friendly spin-off called WebThemis was released.

  • Themis wrapper for C++examples and howto.

  • Secure Comparator got serious updates to eliminate possible security drawbacks pointed out by the cryptographic community.

Miss something in Themis? Let us know! Anyway, take a look at release yourself - link here.

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