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Sticking to our tradition of rolling out new releases on conspicuous dates, we’re presenting Acra 0.77.0 on Friday 13th, Mercury retrograde.

The changelog for the new Acra release was 3 pages long, so we’ve decided to spare you the details here (but you can always read the changelog in full in the Cossack Labs GitHub repository if you want to).

Here are the main changes in the new release:


  • Added support for MySQL: now you can connect Acra to MySQL databases. Works with any SSL mode: require, allow, disable (#155, #140).

  • Private keys are now symmetrically encrypted by master_key (#143) for storage (read more about it on the key management documentation page).

  • Added firewall component named AcraCensor to handle MySQL queries.

  • Added lightweight HTTP web server AcraConfigUI for managing AcraServer's certain configuration options.

  • Added support of new logging formats: plaintext, CEF, and json.

  • Added many new integration tests, fixed stability and handling of more complicated use-cases (#150, #147, #137, #117, #116, #115).


  • Now there is a Docker Container for every main component: AcraServer, AcraProxy, AcraConfigUI, and key generators (AcraGenKeys and AcraGenAuth). You can find the containers in the /docker folder or on the Docker Hub (#139). This is huge! We encourage you to try it! Check out the instructions and examples in the /docker folder. (#154, #146, #134, #133, #102).

  • Updated the list of supported versions of Go. Every Acra component can now be built using Go >1.7, except for acra_rollback that requires Go >1.8. No worries, you can still download Acra as a binary package anyway :)

  • Dropped support of Debian Wheezy (no autotests, no precompiled binaries now).


  • Updated most of the keystone documentation pages.

  • Added many small improvements everywhere across the docs.

Now go and try Acra in Docker, we know you want to! ;)

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