12 Mar 2018



The spring and change are in the air!

After a year in testing by early adopters (Acra 0.75 was released 1 year 5 days ago), we’re starting to push new features into the open-source version of Acra. 0.76 is a stability release, which unifies a lot of things “under the hood”: module interfaces, test automation, API, connection schemes — everything we need to gradually unveil & plenty of new exciting features we’ve prepared based on the user feedback.

In the meantime — here is the list of the recent changes and improvements in Acra 0.76:


● SSL / TLS support

Now you can use PostgeSQL with SSL/TLS settings enabled. Acra 0.76 supports two modes of connection between AcraServer and the database: using SSL/TLS or Secure Session (#113, #119).

● Unix sockets

Acra now supports usage of both TCP and Unix Sockets as a connection layer between AcraWriter <-> AcraProxy <-> AcraServer.

● Tests

○ We’ve updated the integration test suite to support multiple connection modes between the Acra components and the database (#115, #117, #118, #120).

○ A Docker image was added to make the process of testing Acra easier (#104).


● Now Go 1.10 is supported and the older Go versions are removed (Versions <1.6).

● We’ve added support of Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, and Debian Stretch.

● Dependency libraries (libthemis and libcrypto) are updated.


● The documentation and tutorials were updated to reflect the latest changes.

Although we’re very proud of the work we’ve done, this release is just a stepping stone to grander, mightier changes and improvements that are coming soon. Prepare for some magic!