20 Sep 2018

GDPR for Engineers: Implementing Rights and Security Demands

Mapping data privacy regulation to changes in database structure, updates in DevOps practices, backups, and restricted processing. A methodical developer’s perspective.

applied security database security GDPR


16 Aug 2018

Poison Records in Acra – Database Honeypots for Intrusion Detection

How we detect massive data leaks and firewall exfiltration in Acra.

applied security database security Acra intrusion detection


14 Aug 2018

ACRA 0.82.0 IS OUT!

Introducing AcraTranslator — store AcraStructs wherever it is convenient now. Plus we've added pattern matching for SQL filtering in AcraCensor and number of other improvements.

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13 Jul 2018

Social Events of Spring-Summer 2018 for Cossack Labs

An overview of the conferences and meetups in which the Cossack Labs team particiated recently. Also, the first-ever post on our blog containing emoji.

social events


6 Jul 2018

MEET ACRA 0.81.0

This release brings better prevention of SQL injections with the new AcraCensor, better handling of real-life SQL queries (including prepared statements and complex JOINs), and a lot of improvements in other key areas of Acra.

products releases Acra


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