Modern database encryption suite
  1. 1 Acra encryption/intrusion detection daemon
  2. 2 Easy integration with modern application
  3. 3 Acra does not affect database behavior

Modern database encryption suite

Acra is database security suite for modern web apps. It protects sensitive data against leaks and many typical threats through strong selective encryption and intrusion detection capabilities. Acra is engineered with modern development practices in mind, can be integrated into existing infrastructures easily, and isaimed to get going quickly and minimize integration friction. It is open-source, Apache 2 licensed.

Acra works best for

  • sensitive data in app
  • lots of microservices
  • autosharded databases
  • burning deadlines

Acra gives you

Full granular control, easily:
Choose what records you classify as sensitive. Read and write them where you need, the way you want, with minimized attack surface.
Convenient infrastructure:
Built with modern ops in mind. Easy to deploy, easy to control. Detailed documentation to get going quickly.
Strong security:
Security scheme, which limits attack surface for your sensitive record to one secure container in a compartmented, dedicated VM.
Development comfort:
Encrypt sensitive data where it fits. Deploy in infrastructure, your way. Spend time making decisions, not fixing bugs.

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