1. 1 Acra intermediary encryption daemon
  2. 2 Easy integration with modern application
  3. 3 Acra does not affect database behavior

Transparent database encryption, made easy.

Acra is transparent database security suite, which protects your data against database leaks and many typical application threats. Acra's security features and behavior are fully programmatical. Acra's crypto model enables you to separate sensitive data between users with zone keys (where zone could be anything - from user to customer company to each record) without significantly altering your data flow. In fact, encryption itself is so easy to blend in, you don't have to alter database schemas, or your data processing code: just wrap fields with Acra writer functions (or state datatype in ORM) and you're good to go.

Acra's automation enables you to control everything from code or configuration automation environment: notifications and alterts, reactions to detected threats, minigation techniques used (Acra offers plenty).

Acra comes as Apache 2 open source tool, written in Go (with heavy reliance on Themis library). Commercial licensing is available, enterprise-friendly features will be announced after initial release.

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