About Cossack Labs

Cossack Labs builds security tools that help businesses prevent sensitive data leakages and comply with data security regulations.

We provide complete sensitive data lifecycle protection in a convenient form factor: our tools operate without compromising either usability or high level of security and are easy to integrate into your products.

Simple, reliable, usable

Our development approach is straightforward – data security products should be responsible for most of the data security risks in a single solution. Our products provide:

  • Encryption
  • Key management
  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Accountable logging

This enables our customers to focus on building their products with confidence that data security is taken care of.

We have both academic background and hands-on experience in building and auditing cryptographic solutions, applying encryption-based security in finance, critical infrastructure, e-commerce, and personal data protection. Most of our engineers have been using the existing tools and implementing custom encryption and security solutions for decades, and we’ve been on both sides of the barricades and know how security solutions work and how they can fail.

Secure data lifecycle

In modern distributed systems, fragmented security guarantees (“data at rest” and “data in transit”) are better than nothing, but still far from being a lifesaver. End-to-end encrypted data flow is the pinnacle of applying encryption for solving data protection issues in distributed applications.

We’ve created our company to build tools that cover data lifecycle security in various architectures. In many cases, the root of trust lies in the server infrastructure whilst the surrounding key management problems require different trust patterns. Still, we strive to provide an all-encompassing set of security guarantees based on realistic threat models.


We believe that security systems should be trusted by virtue of assessment. No one can spot the tiniest errors better than several hundreds of interested eyes. We also believe that only by opening our core security modules to the inspection of the community, we can expose our developments to peer review and objective criticism, which leads to constant product improvement.

We consider this to be the right way to build secure data processing ecosystem of the future — open, interoperable, tweakable, and compatible with everything.

We're a British company, headquartered in London, with our R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Cossack Labs is a privately-held British company with a team of data security experts based in Kyiv, Ukraine.