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Themis - high level cryptosystem engine Acra - modern database encryption suite Hermes - crypto-based rights management Toughbase - sensitive data lifecycle protection
  • Themis

    Themis: integrate data protection into your code Cryptosystems library, provides transport, authentication, data at rest protection. Get going fast, easily, across many platforms.

  • Acra

    Acra: protect sensitive data in your web app Integrate encryption proxy in your app: offload sensitive operations to special node and stop worrying about breaches, injections and leaks.

  • Hermes

    Hermes: manage access cryptographically Map rights to cryptographic keys using crypto-based ACL framework for various storage models - documents, databases, filesystems.

  • Toughbase

    Toughbase: lifecycle protection, end to end Store, control access and usage of data between clients in your infrastructure with end-to-end cryptography.

We create data security tools for developers

Open Source Crypto

Core crypto/security modules are always available open source, all time, Apache 2 and GPL licences.

All-encompassing defence

Deploy end-to-end and traditional defence schemes with cross-platform tools in convenient packaging.

Ready for enterprise

Enterprise stack support, automated configuration management, policies, audit log and other conveniences.

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