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Themis - sensitive data lifecycle protection Acra - modern database encryption suite Hermes - crypto-based rights management Toughbase - sensitive data lifecycle protection
  • Themis

    Secure your application data at rest and in motion Transport, authentication, data at rest protection. Get going fast, easily, across many platforms.

  • Acra

    Easily protect sensitive data in your web app Encrypt in-app, store in existing backend, transparent access. Compartment trust via key isolation.

  • Hermes

    Manage granular data access cryptographically Assign CRUD rights per record to keys. Group records in larger entitives in flexible storage model.

  • Toughbase

    Data lifecycle protection for sophisticated products Prevents data breaches, manages access and trust, easily integrates across all your infrastructure

We create data security tools for developers

Open Source Crypto

Core crypto modules are available open source, all time, Apache 2 licensed

All-encompassing defence

From front-end through middleware to database and everywhere inbetween

Ready for enterprise

Special features, support, compatibility with corporate stack, automated configuration management, policies, audit trail
... and other features

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  • Planning / Analysis

  • Design / Specification / Flow

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  • Writing code

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  • Integration / Testing

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  • Deployment


Here's how we can help

  1. Guidance

    We can help to understand the risks, security goals and mitigation measures, analyze existing solutions and formulate demands to new ones.

    Crypto guidance is most useful during planning, implementing and auditing/testing phases of your development.

  2. Products

    We can help you choose, configure and deploy cryptography and data security tools in your infrastructure.

    Choosing products should happen on specification / design stage of your development.

  3. Integration

    Sometimes, integrating tools into your solution might get tricky. We can help through support and custom engineering.

    During integration, there are some situations where using our help might get you going much faster.

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We've started Cossack Labs to build novel, convenient security tools and help clients across different industries to minimize losses from security incidents and breaches.
We're a British company, headquartered in London, with R&D office in Kiev, Ukraine.
We all have long experience of developing mission-critical applications with strong security demands in a human friendly form.
Built by engineers for engineers: around 66% of management still coded something within last few years.
Strong cryptographic expertise:
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