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Cryptographic tools Database encryption
Database encyption proxy Data security framework Toughbase - data lifecycle protection tool Themis - high level cryptosystem engine Acra - modern database encryption suite Hermes - crypto-based rights management tool Toughbase - sensitive data lifecycle protection Themis - high level cryptosystem engine Database encryption proxy data security scheme
  • Themis

    Themis: integrate data protection into your code A cryptosystems library that provides transport, authentication, and data-at-rest protection. Get going fast and easy, across multiple platforms. Read more Get Themis

  • Acra

    Acra: protect sensitive data in your web app Integrate an encryption proxy into your app: offload sensitive operations to a special node and don’t worry about breaches, injections, and leaks ever again. Read more Get Acra

  • Hermes

    Hermes: manage access cryptographically Map the rights to cryptographic keys using a crypto-based ACL framework for various storage models – documents, databases, file systems. Read more Get Hermes

  • Toughbase

    Toughbase: data lifecycle protection, end-to-end Store, control access and usage of data between clients in your infrastructure with end-to-end cryptography. Read more

Data security tools for application developers

Open source encryption

Open Source Crypto

Core crypto/security modules are always available in open source, forever, under Apache 2 and GPL licences.
Data loss prevention

All-encompassing defence

Deploy end-to-end and traditional defence schemes with cross-platform tools in convenient packaging.
Enterprise security policy


Enterprise stack support, automated configuration management, policies, audit log, and other advanced features.

Assistance program to get you started with security

Security assitance price

Flat fee

Comprehensive, one-time service.
Security developers

Handled with care

Security by security professionals.
Custom encryption tools

Dev from Devs

Tools we bring are tools we've built.

About DGAP

DataGuardian Assistance Program is an instant assisted security solution. Our experts will help you understand and avert practical data security risks your application is facing.

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DGAP overview

Want to know more? Here's a brief overview of how DataGuardian Assitance Program by Cossack Labs helps your product, what's inside the service, and how to start.

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