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Toughbase - sensitive data lifecycle protection Data security framework Themis - high level cryptosystem engine Acra - modern database encryption suite Toughbase - sensitive data lifecycle protection Hermes - crypto-based rights management tool Themis - high level cryptosystem engine Database encryption proxy Toughbase - data lifecycle protection tool data security scheme
  • Acra

    Acra: protect sensitive data in your web app Sensitive data encryption and intrusion prevention system for SQL/KV backends. Built for protection of sensitive commercial and personal data in modern web and distributed apps. Microservice-friendly, cloud-ready. Read more Get Acra

  • Toughbase

    Toughbase: data lifecycle protection, end-to-end End-to-end encrypted platform for secure storage and processing of sensitive data throughout the whole lifecycle. Built for protection of sensitive data in healthcare, banking, and various consumer applications. Read more

  • Hermes

    Hermes: manage access cryptographically Security framework for building multi-user end-to-end encrypted data storage and sharing/processing with zero leakage risks from storage and transport infrastructure. Works for mobile, web, or server applications storing data in any database/datastore. Read more Get Hermes

  • Themis

    Themis: integrate data protection into your code Cross-platform crypto library for mobile, desktop, cloud, and IoT. Secures the data during authentication, messaging, APIs, storage, network exchange, etc. Provides easy-to-use API unified across 10 platforms and languages. Read more

Data security tools for application developers

Open source encryption

Open Source Crypto

The core crypto/security modules of our products are open-source for the ease of public assessment, supplied with exhaustive documentation, white-papers, and other learning resources.
Cloud-ready and on-prem

Cloud-ready and on-prem

Proprietary editions of our software can run on several cloud platforms (GCP, AWS), support cloud KMS, can be deployed on-premises in private clouds, and have many additional conveniences.
Consulting and help

Consulting and support

Whether you’re building a highly customised product or want to perform a risk assessment – our advanced security integration assistance service is here to help.

Advantages and Realistic security

Focus on core risks
Encryption prevents data leakage and misuse even in partially-compromised systems, narrowing attack surface to a small subset of components. Aside from encryption, our tools provide access logging, and intrusion prevention and detection wherever sensitive data is used.
Pragmatic usability
Managing security tools in production can get extremely inconvenient. Our tools are built with modern engineering practices in mind and focus on preserving security. We strive to provide usability so they are also fast to integrate and easy to manage.
Auditable, open-source, cryptography
We rely on industry-proven crypto-primitive implementations (used by the majority of the security community, Google, FIPS 140-2, GOST and many others); our core security libraries and components are open-source. The source code undergoes regular reviews and independent assessments.
Data lifecycle security
Breaches happen where the security is weak. Our tools aim at covering the complete lifecycle of the sensitive data in your product, combining cryptography and additional security measures.
Security ecosystem
Our tools easily integrate with typical components used in your system, scale well, use popular deployment schemes and application layouts, support industry-standard monitoring.
We focus on helping your engineers get the job done, without getting PhD in cryptography. We keep the intricate cryptographic details under the hood, providing developers with unambiguous API with strict and secure default parameters.

Cornerstone to data protection compliance and practical security

Encryption is a cornerstone to sensitive data protection, as mandated by regulations such as GDPR, FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA and many others. In practical security engineering, encryption enables to narrow attack surface to critical components, build a foundation for other security controls, focus overall security effort appropriately.

Aside from encryption itself, we focus on making it easy to integrate with intrusion detection, access control and many other security tools and processes: in the end, good security is an ecosystem, rather than just a set of disjointed measures.

Assistance program to get you started with security

Security assitance price

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Comprehensive, one-time service.
Security developers

Handled with care

Security by security professionals.
Custom encryption tools

Dev from Devs

Tools we bring are tools we've built.

About DGAP

DataGuardian Assistance Program is an instant assisted security solution. Our experts will help you understand and avert practical data security risks your application is facing.

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DGAP overview

Want to know more? Here's a brief overview of how DataGuardian Assitance Program by Cossack Labs helps your product, what's inside the service, and how to start.

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