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Proactive prevention of sensitive data breaches

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  • Convenient and affordable data security and encryption solutions. Face the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape with calm and strong security posture: mitigate whole classes of risk, comply with privacy regulations without drastically increasing cost.

  • Focus on the data lifecycle. End-to-end encrypted architecture, in-app encryption, framework, database proxy or REST service. Delivered to you any way you need it: ready-made component, customised solution, with or without engineering/integration assistance.

  • Modern data security toolkit. Convenient for developers, reliable in operations, fast in implementation: our tools are DevOps-friendly and cloud-native, protecting sensitive data as stand-alone services, software frameworks and libraries, and custom-crafted solutions.

  • Preventing damages and enabling advantages. Data security is a viable competitive advantage: instill confidence in your customers and stay calm about security and compliance risks, knowing that data security is taken care of and you can focuse on building your business.

Open source encryption

Tools for developers
and operations

We provide innovative set of encryption, access control, and leakage prevention/detection tools built for engineers to reliably protect sensitive data in their applications.

Avoid wasting time and increasing security risks by making questionable implementation decisions regarding data security problems that have already been reliably solved.

Cloud-ready and on-prem

Solutions for products
and teams

Got no time to build security features into your product or do you require a customised solution that adapts to your unique use case?

We'll be happy to build you one using our tools, providing faster time-to-solution, solution-level support, and giving undivided attention of our security engineering teams to your business goals.

Consulting and help

Security team
for your company

Want to improve application security of your cloud services, mobile and web apps or learn how to build better data security infrastructure around the sensitive data you're handling?

We're here to help you: implement corrective measures from security audit results or train your team in basics of secure software development with us.

We help companies to protect the data that is sensitive for their business

Here are some companies that put trust in our products, services and open source tools:

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Proactive fundamental security

Focus on core risks

Our tools prevent data leaks even in partially-compromised systems, limiting the attack surface and providing defense in depth by building layers of security around sensitive data across all of your components.

Pragmatic usability

Managing security tools in production can get extremely inconvenient. Our tools are built with modern engineering practices and stack in mind to ensure smooth integration and easy maintenance.

Auditable, open-source cryptography

We don't roll our own crypto. We rely only on trusted crypto-primitive implementations approved and used by the majority in the security industry; our core security libraries and components are open-source.

Data lifecycle security

Breaches happen where the security is weak. Our tools aim at covering the complete lifecycle of the sensitive data in your product, reinforcing encryption with multiple additional security controls.

Security ecosystem

Our tools easily integrate with typical infrastructure and security components used in your system, scale well, use popular deployment schemes and application layouts, and support industry-standard monitoring.


We want you to get the job done without getting a PhD in cryptography. We keep the intricate cryptographic details under the hood by providing unambiguous API with strict and secure default parameters.

Cornerstone to data protection compliance
and practical security

Encryption is the centre point of sensitive data protection, as mandated by GDPR, FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many other regulations. In practical security engineering, when implemented by experts and managed appropriately, encryption enables to narrow attack surface to critical components, build a foundation for other security controls, limit the damage from security incidents, and properly focus the overall security efforts.

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